Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Peach is on the way!

Wow this summer has been filled with many events, the first and most exciting is that we are expecting our little "peach" to be joining our family in November. It is great to have our final child be a girl. She is already loved by her big brothers and sister.

Scott, Chris and I were all on a Pioneer trek in June, it was a great experaince and we are all glad to see that everything turned out for the best. Sabrina needed to have her appendix removed on the last day and was taken to the hospital. We gained a greater testimony of the strength and power of prayer and an appriciation for the priesthood.

Evanne was able to join us for one month and during her visit we went camping, went to Lake Tahoe and moved to a new home. She is now back at her moms getting ready for work and school, it makes us sad to see that she is growing us sp fast. 16 years have gone very fast. It will be a matter of time before she is off in college and meeting Mr. Wonderful.

Life is good and we can't wait to relax and sit back and breathe. August has us camping for a week and enjoying the company of our dear friends and family before school starts.

Pics will come soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wow so much has happened in so little time it seems. It is already October and Trunk or Treat is fast approaching. This summer we had a blast with our friends in a mondern version of woodstock...what fun that was. We spen many weekend camping with friends and spending time together as a family. As the cooler weather is comming quickly I am reminded that Malibu will be three and Chris will be 14, which means that I have a sixteen year old comming in just a few months. Yikes...that might make a person feel intimidated or old, I am not sure which.

I miss the Bahamas and the sights and smells that were there. I should have bottled it when I was there. I turned in my paper and will see about studnet teaching comming soon.

Jordan is working on using the potty and will be moving to a big bed soon, very exciting things are happening.

We miss our family and are sad that there will not be a BIG Thanksgiving dinner this year. It will be ok and we might just give in and do something fun like eat with Mickey (Just kidding)

Here are some pics of the new bussiness and Malibu...theres a lot of money in POOP.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Adventure 2009

This summer have been very busy with Sabrina working everyday except for when Scott took her to the Bahamas. (which was so much fun) And with Scott working his business it seemed like time just flew by. We were able to take our children to the temple, Chris did baptisms and Evanne walked around with Kim Reich. It was such a nice day. We spent time as a family just hanging out and camping a couple of times.

Oh Sean moved out with Jill and we wish them the best of luck together. Life is very good for us as we continue to grow as a family and as a couple. We celebrated our 7th year of marraige. *Wow* has it really been ten years that we have been dating...omg!

Well my blogging sucks and I am learning how to improve it, I am also learning how to quilt. Oh I will be returning to Mendive for the school year which makes me very excited. So we will be looking for a new car this fall as well. Things are starting to change for the Lindsay family.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy 13th Birthday Chris!!!

We hade a wonderful time celebrating Chris's birthday with him. We are so glad that he is becoming a truly wonderful young man.

Sabrina carried the cake to Chris...she is thankful for her waitress skills so she did not drop the cake everywhere.
All our family came over and then some of our friends to Celebrate Chris turning the big 13.
Thanks for comming, Rebbeca and Kevin, and Valerie. We love you so much.

Grandma Cindy came with Grandma Joyce and Beverly. We were so glad to see Bev especally after her accident.

Chris was just showing Rebbeca and Kevin some of his itunes

Look at that Yummy Cake!

It was Sean's birthday too, he went to Las Vegas with his girlfriend and then got a wonderful gift from the highway patrol a $200.00 ticket for speeding, wasn't that nice.

A few days later Chris gathered all the cups and built a tower, he was very proud and laughed when Jordan came and knocked it over.

Thankdgiving Update

This Thanksgiving was fun. Aunt Janice and Uncle Derrick came from Boise and celebrated the weekend with the family at Aunt Gail and Uncle Rich's. It was so fun to see the cousins/nephews and spend time even though Sabrina got a really bad cold and spent most of the 4 days in bed trying to rest. Scott and Chris played in the priesthood football game. Scott was very sore later that day. It was great fun! Friday we did the usual shopping at 4am and then home for a wonderful breakfast of Bacon, biscuts and gravy. Then to nap for 5 hours (just Jordan and Sabrina) On Sunday Jordan spent his first official day in nursery at Church. He was so hungry and tired when he came home, that as soon as he got his food and started eating he fell asleep in his chair. Later that afternoon Jordan and Sabrina played xbox 360 Jordan loved it. He felt like a big boy.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Farwell Dinner for Mark and Evanne

On Monday we went to the Lodge at the Grand Sierra it was a fun time with Grandma, Grandpa and Mark. Jordan gets very jealous and there was some pretty nice cars there as well.

Thanks for the Craisins Grandma

Ok so today I was in the kitchen doing the dishes and cleaning up...Jordan was in the living room no big deal right. Well I forgot that Grandma Carolyn had dropped off some things befor her trip on of them was a big bag of Craisins the dried cranberries. Well Jordan got quite so I went to check on him and this is what I saw...he said uh-oh when he saw me around the corner it was really funny and no harm was done...well if you don't count the eaten cranberries.